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How to find an aged care home on

Searching for an aged care home can be quite challenging. There are so many different facilities that provide so many different environments, amenities and care options, it can be hard to find the best facility to fit your needs.

Last updated: March 24th 2023
​The​ has an extensive directory of aged care facilities in each State and Territory. [Source: iStock]

​The​ has an extensive directory of aged care facilities in each State and Territory. [Source: iStock]

Key points:

  • Using the can simplify the process of finding aged care providers
  • The compare tool on can help you find the best nursing home fit for you
  • Enquiry forms on the can get you in direct contact with providers

This is where an independent directory like can simplify the process of finding a range of different providers, near you, that can meet your care needs.

It can take the worry out of googling individual providers and give you easy access to all the information you need to know about nearby facilities and the services they provide.

On top of that, there are a number of tools on the that can assist you in shortlisting facilities and portals to directly contacting providers.

Searching the directory

The has an extensive directory of aged care facilities in each State and Territory.

Our directory is accessible on the home page of the All you need to do is to toggle the nursing home button and input your location, whether that is the State/Territory you live in, or the suburb or town where you are based.

The results listed are a combination of paid advertiser listings displayed in a blue or orange box and the rest of the facilities located near you.

If you have your location settings on, our directory will give you even more accurate listings of aged care facilities near you.

If you click on an aged care home profile, you can see the ‘about us’ information of the facility, photos, and the features of the nursing home.

For more information about nursing homes, visit our informative articles on the

Homepage of the

Comparing providers

The easiest way to find a nursing home that fits your needs is by comparing providers using the compare tool on

This service is free to all users of the and can quickly help you select and compare multiple nursing home providers you are interested in.

All you need to do is use the search bar on the nursing home directory and search in your location, write in either the suburb or town you live in, or your postcode.

Your results will be available in a list, however, you can switch to the map function to see where these businesses are located compared to you.

Each listing for a nursing home includes a ‘compare’ box, which you can tick. You can compare up to five different aged care homes at a time.

A bar will appear at the bottom of the website page letting you know how many profiles you have selected, and then you can click the ‘compare selected profiles’ button to get the results.

The compare tool will have the nursing homes side to side and show you what services and amenities they offer, such as:

You can remove providers from your search if they don’t fit your needs or if you want to make a smaller shortlist.

At the end of your search, you can opt to get a quote from the provider, or multiple providers, of your choice by pressing the ‘submit a quote’ button.

All you need to do is fill out your contact details, and identify what services or supports you need and what your personal health needs are to help the facility give you the best quote possible.

Enquiry Forms

Similarly, you can send an enquiry form to a provider through the

Enquiry forms are attached to advertiser profiles on the website including aged care facilities, home care services, businesses, products or services.

You can use the ‘Send Enquiry’ form to send a message to advertiser providers on the website. This message will be sent straight to the service provider and they should contact you directly.

It is an easy way to get in direct contact with residential aged care providers you are considering to be your new home.

You can learn more about applying for aged care homes in our article, ‘How to apply for a nursing home‘.

How can we improve your experience using the Tell us in the comments below.

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