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What to consider when choosing an aged care provider

When you are searching for an aged care provider to deliver your care, there are a number of things you should consider.

Last updated: January 24th 2024
When looking for an aged care provider, there are three main considerations to make before locking in a service or provider.  [Source: iStock]

When looking for an aged care provider, there are three main considerations to make before locking in a service or provider. [Source: iStock]

Key points:

  • Look at what services are on offer from a provider to see if it covers all of your needs or only part of your needs
  • Check each provider you are considering for their quality service history and compliance track record
  • Compare the costs and fees associated with each provider on your shortlist

Choosing the right aged care provider for you can ensure you receive the best possible care and services.

However, depending on your location, there are likely a lot of aged care options to choose from to deliver you quality care.

Below are three main areas you should consider when searching for a provider for your home care and aged care needs.

Services offered

When you are looking for services, whether in home care or what an aged care home provides, it should meet the needs that you have.

For instance, you may find a home care provider that provides some of the services you need but not all the services you need. So you may need to search for another provider that meets all your care and support needs.

In the case of aged care homes, you may have a cultural background that you believe will be better cared for in a nursing home that caters to people with specific cultural backgrounds.

You should investigate any providers you are considering, what they are offering, and how they will improve and meet your needs.

You can learn more about what services are available in nursing homes in our article, ‘Introduction to nursing homes‘, or more about what services are delivered in home care in our article, ‘An introduction to home care‘.

Quality care

While home care and aged care providers are meant to provide quality care, no two providers are the same.

When researching potential providers, you should also look into their service history. For example, do they have any current sanctions or a track record of non-compliance? How have they dealt with complaints in the past?

You should discuss with a potential provider about how they deal with complaints as well as how they can assure you that they will provide safe and quality care to you.

To find out the history of an aged care provider, you can use the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s performance service to search for individual provider reports.

Costs involved

Costs and fees can differ from provider to provider. While the Government subsidises aged care services and homes, the costs can very much vary. Even more so if the provider is privately funded.

It is important you fully understand the costs involved with accessing services from a provider, including any additional fees that you may not expect. For example, administration fees can vary from 15 percent to 50 percent for a home care provider, whereas some aged care homes may have an exit fee to be paid if you decide to leave.

These costs need and will be outlined in your service agreement, so you should always read these documents carefully before signing.

It is also important to note that most aged care providers will allow some form of negotiation on prices.

If you are financially disadvantaged, you will still be able to access home and aged care with assistance from the Government.
You can learn more about aged care costs in our article, ‘A quick guide to aged care costs‘.

Comparing your options

It is in your best interest to shop around and compare providers, just as you would if you were buying a house or a new car.

You want to be sure you investigate all your options and find the best provider to fit your needs.

This could be by creating a pros and cons list for providers or making a shortlist of different aged care services you are considering.

You can learn more about comparing your options in our article, ‘Comparing providers – how to break down your options‘.

What is important to you when considering aged care providers? Tell us in the comments below.

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