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Nursing Homes

Aged care homes that provide various levels of personal and nursing care on a permanent basis or for a shorter stay.

Types of Offerings

Aged Care Home

A live-in facility providing 24-hour care and support for seniors who are unable to continue living at home.

Supported Residential Services and Facilities

A private nursing home with access to ongoing care and support.

What are nursing homes?

If you’re unable to live independently in your own home you may choose to move into a nursing home. These provide various levels of personal and nursing care on a permanent basis or for a shorter stay. This type of accommodation is most commonly referred to as ‘aged care home’, but may also be called ‘residential aged care home’‘aged care facility’, or ‘high and low care facility’. All of these terms are used to describe the same type of accommodation.

All Government funded care homes must meet certain care and living standards and you will need approval before you can move into one. Privately owned businesses such as ‘Supported Residential Services or Facilities (SRS/F)’ can provide accommodation and care similar to residential aged care without Government approval but on a fee for care basis.

What are nursing homes?

Information guides

Nursing homes can have different amenities and feels, and you need to find the right home that suits you and your needs. [Source: Shutterstock]

Introduction to nursing homes

If you are no longer able to remain living independently at home, moving into a nursing home can ensure quality of life, comfort, and give you peace of mind that you will be well looked after receiving the care you need.

Once you are registered with My Aged Care, an aged care assessment will determine what type and how much support you need. [Source: iStock]

What is My Aged Care?

My Aged Care is a Government operated website and contact centre that can help older Australians access Government funded in home support options, community care or residential aged care.

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