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Finding a home care provider on

With so many home care providers and such demand for these services, it can be hard finding the right service provider to fill and fit your home care needs. A handy resource like can assist and simplify the whole process and make finding the best provider for you that much easier.

Last updated: April 2nd 2024
Searching for a home care provider can be made easier by using the [Source: iStock]

Searching for a home care provider can be made easier by using the [Source: iStock]

Key points:

  • Finding home care providers in your area on the is quick and easy
  • Using the compare tool on the can help you find the provider that is best suited to your needs
  • You can contact advertiser providers directly via by using the enquiry form

When looking for a home care provider, it’s important to feel comfortable with the people that come to your home, feel certain they have the expertise, and provide all the services you need to live well.

Having access to an independent directory and resource like can help you find a range of providers in your area that deliver the services you are looking for.

Instead of scouring the internet for every provider in your area, you can come to one place to search for home care services as well as helpful information about what they provide. also provides a range of helpful tools to shortlist facilities and compare providers and their services against each other.

Searching the directory

On you’ll find an extensive directory of home care providers in each State or Territory, and information about the services they can provide, including the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), respite, or a Home Care Package (HCP).

You can easily access the directory through the homepage of Simply use the search bar, toggle the home care button and add in your location. This could be the State or Territory you live in for a broader search, or the suburb and town you are currently located in.

The results of a search for home care providers are a combination of paid advertiser listings, displayed in a blue or orange box, and free listings of services located near you.

If you have elected to have your location settings on, our directory will provide accurate listings of home care providers closest to you.

When you click on a home care service profile, you will have access to the service’s ‘about us’ information, photos of their services, and a list of features and supports they provide.

For more information about home care services, visit the information section on where you can read about a wide range of home care related topic such as how to get assessed for in home care and understanding respite options.

Comparing services

To figure out what services near you best fit your care and support needs, you can utilise the compare providers tool.

This is a free service for all consumers of the website. It allows you to select multiple home care providers and compare the services and care they provide.

In the search bar, nominate that you want to search for home care services, and then search by location, which could be your postcode or the suburb or town you live in.

On each listing, there is a ‘compare’ tick box in the top right corner. You can compare up to five different home care providers at a time.

An orange bar will appear at the bottom of the website page notifying you of how many services you have selected to compare. You can compare a maximum of five providers at a time. Once you have chosen the providers you want to compare, you can click the ‘compare selected profiles’ button to get your specific results.

On the website, home care is divided into two main categories, in home care and Home Care Packages, and you’ll need to specify which service you are interested in at the top of the page.

The tool will then filter for your specific home care preference and show you the home care results side by side, including what services they do and don’t offer. Such as:

  • If they are privately funded, accept CHSP funding, or provide Home Care Packages
  • The types of services they provide, like domestic assistance, medication supervision, meals and shopping, home maintenance and gardening, nursing care, transport and community access, personal care, respite care, and much more
  • If they provide Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) services or Veterans Home Care (VHC) services
  • If they provide National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) services
  • Whether they cater for any culturally or linguistically diverse backgrounds

If you realise during this comparison search that a provider doesn’t meet your needs or you want to make a smaller shortlist of services, you can remove the provider from your list.

Once you have a shortlist of providers you are interested in, you can send a quote request to one or multiple providers of your choice by pressing the ‘submit a quote’ button. The providers you request a quote from will get back to you within seven days.

You will need to fill out your contact details, what services you are interested in, and your current health care needs to assist the home care providers in giving you the best quote possible.

When deciding on a service, don’t forget to check out our handy guide, ‘Choosing a home care provider‘.

Enquiry forms

Providers that have chosen to advertise their services on can be contacted directly through the enquiry form.

You’ll find this option under ‘Send Enquiry’. You’ll be asked to fill out a form which will be sent straight to your chosen provider and they will get in contact with you.

The enquiry forms are an easy way to directly contact a potential home care provider you are considering.

For more assistance finding home care services, read our article, ‘Experts that can help find the home care services you need‘.

In what ways can the home care services search be improved on the Tell us in the comments below.

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