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Understanding your needs

Before you have an assessment, it can be beneficial to think about what day to day struggles you have with everyday chores. Also think about your financial situation and what you need to consider when accessing supports or if you have to move into aged care.

If you're eligible, the Government will only cover part of the cost of care so it is important to get an idea about how you will pay for the remainder and understand how this impacts your financial situation including pension or superannuation. 

Even with home supports your current home may be too large to maintain so you may want to think about downsizing. Or you may have physical or mental health concerns that need to be considered when accessing aged care services.

Additionally, if you have a cultural background or religion, you may want to ask about supports that are culturally appropriate or religiously sensitive. It is important when receiving aged care that you feel comfortable and have your beliefs respected by your carers.

Understanding your needs on different levels and gathering any information to support this will mean that you can be well prepared to discuss this during your aged care assessment.

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