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  1. A daily dose of ‘Vitamin Sea’ – beach safety tips for summer

    Summer in Australia is synonymous with the beach. We all love that moment in the sun, the soft sand underneath our toes and the sound of the gently rolling waves hitting the shore. We even love to explore the wonders of the seas – that many beautiful shells, rock pools and tiny creatures.

  2. A guide to food delivery apps for seniors

    This edition of Aged Care Guide will explain how you or a person in your care can make sense of delivery apps. In this article, the downloading process, delivery process, issues and possible charges you may encounter will be covered and broken down for easy understanding.

  3. A guide to gardening for older people

    This Aged Care Guide will cover the tools, the basics, the suggestions and the people you can reach out to, in case you are unable or unwilling to do it all yourself.

  4. A guide to psychosis in older people

    The risk of experiencing psychosis increases with age and is multiplied as further conditions, symptoms and treatments compound to affect neurological processes.

  5. A guide to shingles for older Australians

    Pain, sunburn or the re-activation of chickenpox after years of dormant infection? This edition of Aged Care Guide covers all you need to know about the painful condition.

  6. A quick guide to aged care assessments

    Going through the free Government aged care assessment process is a big step towards organising home care and aged care services for yourself.

  7. A quick guide to aged care costs

    If you are starting to look for what is next in your retirement plan or your health is starting to decline, then you may be considering moving into a retirement village, accepting help at home to keep you in your own house for longer, or considering a move into an aged care home.

  8. A seniors guide to budgeting – what you need to know

    Right now, many older Australians on a pension are having a tough time making ends meet, as the cost of living crisis hits vulnerable people hardest.

  9. ACAT and ACAS Assessments

    The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) and Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) are staffed by doctors, nurses, social workers or other health professionals and they will meet with you to work out how much and what sort of help you require.

  10. Accessing the right dementia support

    Finding the best support for dementia can be vital after a recent diagnosis and ensures you are well set up to receive the quality care you need and deserve.

  11. Adding teeth to your overall health check

    When looking after your own health, or the health of your parents, you are probably thinking about hips, knees, eyes or heart. But not many people consider what is happening in their mouth and it is often the last area getting attention when looking after the health of older people.

  12. Advocating for a person with dementia

    It is expected that over 1.1 million Australians will be living with dementia by 2058. With this disease a growing figure in Australia, dementia advocacy and awareness has never been more necessary.

  13. Age-related macular degeneration and eye health

    It is common for people over 50 to start having issues with their eyesight, and you can never really know the importance of your vision until you lose it.

  14. Aged Care Quality Standards explained

    To make sure older Australians receive a high standard of aged care services that meet their needs and goals, all providers of aged care services and facilities are required to meet the Aged Care Quality Standards.

  15. Aged care and financial planning

    The costs of aged care services can be difficult to navigate if you’ve never been through the process before, but planning ahead can help you to live a more comfortable life in retirement and feel better prepared for the future.

  16. Aged care costs and fees

    From how much does a nursing home cost, to understanding the types of fees and charges they have. You will find all the information you need to determine which way your budget will work best for you, along with what services you can expect to get in a residential aged care home.

  17. Aged care services for the senior veteran community

    Veterans, war widows and widowers can benefit from aged care services which suit their need for often more complex medical and emotional support as they age.

  18. Alternative options to retirement villages

    Retirement villages are seen as one of the main options for retirees if you are looking to downsize or want to move into a different sort of living arrangement and lifestyle. But many people don’t realise that there are a number of alternative options to retirement villages that can give just as much fulfilment.

  19. Alternatives to traditional burial methods

    While ground burials and cremation are the most common methods that people choose when deciding what will happen to their bodies after they die, there are a lot more alternative options popping up that can better represent you as a person and the legacy you leave behind after you die.

  20. An accessible guide to virtual reality

    Introducing our ‘guide to implementing virtual reality in aged care.’

  21. An introduction to audiobooks

    Listening to a book…? What’s next? Reading using our phones…?

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Placement consultants

  1. Placement consultants help you find the best aged care to suit your needs and will take you through the whole process

Talking Aged Care

  1. Your best source of the latest news, stories and articles about aged care.

Financial assistance

  1. Financial advisors and consultants will deal with the complex and time consuming financial issues relating to aged care

DPS Guide to Aged Care

  1. Our printed directory of all public and private nursing homes, low care facilities, community care and retirement living
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