Bupa Greensborough

Organisation Bupa Aged Care (70 other services)

Location 264 Diamond Creek Rd, Greensborough VIC 3088
Phone (03) 9434 6100  ·  Fax (03) 9434 6900
DPS id 16278


Bupa Greensborough has a charm all its own. Located on scenic Diamond Creek Road, our home is part of a friendly and close knit residential community. We understand that community ties are important and so we encourage our residents to get involved and stay connected.

Reflecting the needs of the local community, Bupa Greensborough takes an innovative approach to dementia care. Our staff have dementia specific training developed in conjunction with mental health experts to ensure they have the increased knowledge and understanding of how to care for our residents with dementia.

At Bupa Greensborough we want our home to feel like yours. Our single rooms with ensuites provide you with all the space you’ll need to express your individual style. To promote an atmosphere where your personality shines through, we encourage you to bring in personal items and those special mementos that we all gather through life.

Our extensive lifestyle program focuses on promoting resident individuality and independence. Our activities program is updated regularly in order to tailor the program to the suit the needs and interests of our current residents. Our long standing staff are dedicated to ensuring that you get the level of care you need while living the life you want.

At Bupa Greensborough we encourage all friends and family to get involved in what’s happening in our home and to take a proactive approach to the individual care of their loved one. Our spacious dining and lounge rooms provide the perfect setting for visiting family, friends and residents to catch up.


Nursing home

90 beds.

Secure garden, Specialist services (Physiotherapy, podiatry, Dietitian).

On-site facilities

Chapel / Church, Facility transport, Hairdressing salon.

These services are operated by
Bupa Aged Care


  • Apr 26 · V14547

    Single room available

    • ACAT/S required
    • Permanent or Respite
    • Single room with private ensuite
    • Specialist dementia services with extra services available

    For further information about our current vacancies or to arrange a tour of the home, please call 03 9434 6100

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