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What is a seller advocate in real estate?

There’s no place like home, except for when there is. So, why would you sell the house you’ve spent your whole life filling with memories, stains, smiles, miracles and key moments? Sharing the big events, milestones and celebrations with those closest to you, then, saying “goodbye” to it all.

Make the handshake and secure a new future for yourself if your needs can’t be met at home. (Source: Shutterstock)

Make the handshake and secure a new future for yourself if your needs can’t be met at home. (Source: Shutterstock)

Key points:

  • Residential care facilities get a bad rap in the public eye, but the delightful sense of community and care to accommodate your needs may be a great option for you
  • People may sell their house to: downsize, finance future care, enter into residential care and relieve themselves of maintenance and upkeep
  • What is a seller advocate in real estate?The price of Australian houses has seen a 414.6 percent increase in value over the last thirty years, during seven periods of downturn and seven periods of sustained increase, with the price of units going up 293.1 percent over the same period

This edition of Aged Care Guide will cover the real state of real estate and how you can capitalise on using a lifetime of work to support the future of yourself and your family, should you choose to do so. This article will address the role of a seller advocate in selling your property

What is the role of a seller advocate?

Making the decision to leave the family home to enter an aged care home or retirement village can be an overwhelming task, and where do you begin with selling what may be your greatest asset?

When it comes to selling your home, a lot of the stress can be removed by engaging the services of a seller advocate, to help support you and deal with the real estate agent on your behalf.

The seller advocate can help you through every step of the selling process; assisting with getting the home ready for sale by decluttering, arranging house styling, maintenance and cleaning. Additionally, they can assist you in achieving the best price for your home. The advocate then interviews and selects the best agent suited to your requirements. This ensures your budget is not exceeded and that your expectations are met. The seller advocate will also negotiate the agent’s fee and sale price.

This service reduces the contact between the seller and the real estate agent and ensures that the property’s set price range is attained with no nasty, unexpected surprises at any stage. The seller advocate’s fee is a percentage taken from the real estate agent’s fee, so there is no direct cost to you.


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