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Meet the team – Andrew Barbara

Introducing the people behind the scenes at DPS, the company bringing you Aged Care Guide and Talking Aged Care, to help you get to know us a little better and give insight into what we do. Next up in our Q&A series is our Digital Marketing Manager: Andrew Barbara.

How long have you been with DPS? 

I started in February of 2023, so I have been with DPS for almost eight months.

What are some of the things you’ve learnt in this role at DPS?

During my time at DPS, I’ve had the opportunity to acquire a substantial amount of knowledge and skills, which has proven to be both professionally enriching and personally rewarding. One particularly noteworthy aspect of this experience has been the deepening of my understanding of the Aged Care and Disability Sector.

In my role as a Digital Marketing Manager, I have had the privilege of overseeing and implementing various digital marketing strategies and campaigns. It’s rewarding knowing that my work is trying to help a better cause bigger than business.

What is the best thing about working for DPS? 

The best aspect of working for DPS, in my opinion, is the remarkable flexibility and trust they offer their employees.

The trust and freedom given by DPS have empowered me to take ownership of my tasks, make independent decisions and explore approaches to problem-solving. This not only gives me job satisfaction but also encourages creativity and a proactive work ethic. It’s a workplace culture that values the individual, respects their unique circumstances and recognises that productivity often thrives in an atmosphere of trust and flexibility. Plus, the team are all nice to each other and super supportive.

What is the best thing you have worked on? 

Helping put together the first print edition of Hello Leaders was a lot of fun. Additionally, I have been able to chat with all the different people from the sectors to learn about them, which has been eye-opening.

What is your greatest achievement? 

At first, my greatest achievement was helping to put together the first print edition of Hello Leaders and also being recognised for my work. However, since then, I would say that my answer has changed — my greatest feat was successfully launching Your Retirement Living with the team.

Now, for some more lighthearted questions… Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?

The most interesting place I’ve been to would have to be Malta. I have had the opportunity to visit Malta twice in my life, once when I was five years old and again at the age of 12. On both occasions, I spent three months exploring this beautiful Mediterranean island. Malta’s rich history, stunning landscapes and vibrant culture left a lasting impression on me, making it a truly captivating and memorable destination.

What fictional place would you most like to go?

Without a doubt, the fictional place I’d like to visit most would be the Mushroom Kingdom, if only for a day. It would be an absolute delight to step into the colourful world of Mario and Luigi, and perhaps even join them in their adventures. Stomping on some Goombas would also be a necessity.

What could you give a 40-minute presentation on with absolutely no preparation?

A track-history lesson of all the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tracks wouldn’t need any preparation. I’ve studied this in my own time for years.

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