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How can senior men stay stylish?

Putting the effort into your personal presentation is worth it on special days, when you’re meeting people on a daily basis or rekindling with people you haven’t seen for years.

Put the cool in ‘old school,’ get some snazzy pizzazz in your attire and set the world on fire. (Source: Shutterstock)

Put the cool in ‘old school,’ get some snazzy pizzazz in your attire and set the world on fire. (Source: Shutterstock)

Key points:

  • If you’ve got hair, make the most of it and if you don’t, consider the honest, balder approach to life
  • Consider the archetypes in your life — if the mad scientist has a labcoat, the suave professor has a tweed houndstooth jacket and a nice pair of loafers
  • Don’t sacrifice comfort for style, adapt style to be comfortable for you

This edition of Aged Care Guide is for the gentlemen, from the silver-fox through to the grand patriarch looking at his lineage at a family reunion to celebrate another birthday. This article will address which styles look best to jazz up your day and radiate the style of a man whose life is worthwhile. 

The kids call it “drip,” these days, which means that if your hair, jacket, undershirt, accessories, pants, shoes and flair is there — you’re absolutely dripping with aesthetic glory. Luckily, this article will run you through the aforementioned categories and advise you on how to appear strong, wise and in control of your life. There’s no need for others to mess with the best dressed bloke looking absolutely bespoke.


A haircut that you’re happy with can bring out the best in your personality, but it’s rare for a senior man to be unaffected by male pattern baldness, as roughly 80 percent of men are impacted by the condition in one way or another by the time they turn 70.

As a result, people expect older men to be bald and it’s a well-respected choice to embrace baldness, by shaving off remaining hair and rocking a clean and smooth head. However, through the wonders of modern technology and science — if you have the funds to overcome thinning or hair loss, you can opt for tonics, treatments or even hair transplants — inserting new follicles into your scalp to grow out over time. However, it is best to start the treatments early to slow the onset of male pattern baldness, rather than try to reinvigorate your scalp overnight.

If you’re lucky enough to still have a full head of hair in your older years, make sure to treasure it while it’s still there and groom it carefully, ensuring that your luscious locks stay there for longer through a balanced diet and lifestyle to ensure the best results. Many older men today are opting for a Jeff Bridges-esque swept middle-part, which is grown out to be a little bit longer, framing the face in a youthful and rugged way.

However, for some older gents that want something a bit more realistic and modest, factoring in the impact that age has on hair loss, but aren’t willing to cut it all off just yet, take a look at Succession actor Brian Cox, with a slicked back look. Brian’s hair  is complimented by a strong bordering goatee. It’s a similar look to Jeff, but factors in the limitations of hair growth as time goes on and tailors the aesthetic to suit that.


As men begin to age, fitting into an ensemble outfit at the start of each morning can go from a chore, to an exercise in wasting time and feeling uncomfortable in clothes which no longer fit or are difficult to get into in the first place.

A great work-around for the suspenders, suit pants, ironed shirts and finicky shoelaces which are impossible to reach and always seem to come undone, is to take cues from your best outfits and simplify them.

  • Shoelaces? Try slip-on loafers.
  • Ditch the shirt and tie, but throw on a polo shirt or t-shirt before putting the suit jacket, sports jacket or overcoat on.
  • Tired of the bells and whistles, locks and flies of suit pants? Go with some loose fitting jeans or colour coordinated khakis with a stretch waist — it’s the jacket people will respect.


Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what you feel comfortable wearing and what you are able to work into your wake-up routine, but the easiest and simplest way to enhance any outfit is through personalising your visual appearance with a scent which is unique to you. A cologne that gives off a sense of old-world wisdom, mystique or a vibrant and youthful vigour.

Fragrantica is a great website which can give you some insight into the different notes, hints and scents of fragrances you have liked in the past, similar fragrances or even just some colognes for sale which contain the scents you do like. Additionally, the site allows users to rate how long they last on the skin, how wide the scent spreads in a room, the season and time of day best suited to wearing them and allows others users to review their own experiences with the scent.

In today’s global digital market, you can task your son or daughter with hunting down the perfect personal addition to complete your sense of style and know what you want when that next birthday rolls around. No matter what you decide to do with your wardrobe, it’s important that you’re happy, confident and comfortable with who you are as a person.


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