Fairmont Aged Care

Operator Fairmont Aged Care

Location 20 Dunmore St, Bexley NSW 2207
Phone (02) 9567 2279  ·  Fax (02) 9599 1432
DPS id 14288


Fairmont Aged Care has been operating under the same management team for over 28 years. Our reputation in the industry for providing high quality care, comfort and security to our residents, continues to set benchmarks for others to follow.

Specialising in residential high care, for both respite and permanent care, we focus on delivering services to meet the needs of our residents.

We treat our residents as individuals, actively assessing their initial and on-going care needs.

Professional and caring staff, willing to engage both family and carers to provide attentive care, complements the home-like atmosphere at Fairmont Aged Care. 

Our care program is unique - tailored to meet individual requirements, seeking to provide residents with as much choice in decision-making as possible.

It is precisely why we offer a totally integrated Diversional Therapy program, administered by a fully qualified Therapist, who is dedicated to providing a variety of engaging programs for both group and individual situations.

Our high quality built environment, both internal and external, influences the mood and ability of residents and staff to interact happily together. We offer single, double and three-bed rooms, some with ensuites.

Exceptional amenities include private rooms and rooms with ensuites, as well as comfortable and cosy rooms to share with a companion in a secure environment. A truly tantalising and delicious menu is just another feature of our services for you.

Fairmont Aged Care – Caring for You!


Government subsidised aged care

Wing: Fairmont Aged Care

44 beds.

24/7 registered nursing, Couples rooms, Non-dedicated respite, Palliative care, Secure garden, Specialist services (Diversional therapy, physiotherapy, podiatry, dietitian, speech therapy), Cultural environment: Chinese.

Staff also speak several other languages

These services are operated by Fairmont Aged Care.

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  • Feb 20 · V16251

    Negotiable Bonds Male Bed

    • ACAT/S required
    • Permanent or Respite
    • Shared room with no ensuite
    • Male only

    Quiet, refurbished shared room, negotiable bond. Flat-screen TV and reverse cycle temperature controlled airconditioning. All RADs/DAPs negotiable. Fully-supported residents welcome. Contact Manager on 95672279.

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