Residential Gardens for Spanish Speaking Frail Aged

Organisation Residential Gardens for Spanish Speaking (1 other service)

Location 420 Woodstock Ave, Rooty Hill NSW 2766
Phone (02) 8887 5555  ·  Fax (02) 8887 5500
DPS id 12914


Our History
Residential Gardens was established in 1993 as a hostel for Spanish speaking aged people.  As a non profit organisation its aim was to manage and operate an aged care service to meet the needs of the elder people of Spanish speaking backgrounds.

Residential Gardens was and remains the only aged care organisation in Australia with a focus on the Spanish speaking community.

The Spanish speaking migrants settled in different states of Australia, the largest group being in New South Wales. Spanish speakers in Australia come from many parts of the world and although they speak a common language, they have different accents, cultures, traditions and customs. They also come from different social backgrounds.

About Our Organisation
Residential Gardens is situated towards the north western periphery of Rooty Hill, 16 kilometres West of Parramatta and 13 kilometres east of Penrith. The nearest railway station is Mount Druitt only one kilometre away. The nearest shopping centres are Mount Druitt and Plumpton.

Residential Gardens has a large garden with open space for residents’ recreation and is located at 420 Woodstock Avenue, Rooty Hill, on the corner of Duke Street. The facility provides low care hostel accommodation.

Our services include:

  • Catering service
  • Supervision and administration of medications
  • Personal care
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Activities program/outings
  • Art program
  • Volunteer service
  • Cultural days celebrations
  • Choir
  • GP service
  • Dietitian
  • Massages
  • Pharmacy service
  • Optometrist
  • Hairdresser at pensioner’s rate
  • Laboratory services
  • Respite
  • Religious services
  • Pastoral care
  • Entertainment
  • Visitor scheme
  • RN consultancy
  • Specialist appointments arrangement
  • Residents houses equipped with private bathroom, intercom, nurse call, alarm and fire system, security cameras and satellite with the Spanish channel
  • Night security patrol twice each night
  • Dental service - ongoing check ups
  • Podiatrist
  • Physiotherapist assessment review
  • Laser accupuncture for pain relief.

Forward Vision
Residential Gardens currently accepts residents from all over Australia and underwent redevelopment and expansion for new places to meet the demand of the growing ageing population.

The Management experiences and expertise in business operation, investment strategies and training, envisaged the extension and the addition of 40 new places.

Upgrading and the extension of the facility was carefully planned and scheduled to meet both the short and long term needs of our community. Greater capacity for ageing in place will enable Residential Gardens to offer long term permanent accommodation.

Service Standards
Residential Gardens has been successful in both accreditation rounds complying in all standards and outcomes thereby demonstrating sustainability of quality system and continuous improvements.


Nursing home

84 beds. 4 are respite beds.

24/7 registered nursing, Couples rooms, Palliative care, Secure garden, Cultural environment: Spanish.

Centre based care

Residential Gardens Day Care Centre

Medication supervision, Meals, Respite care, Personal care, Social / Recreational support, Transport.

On-site facilities

Café / Kiosk, Facility transport, Hairdressing salon.

These services are operated by
Residential Gardens for Spanish Speaking


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