Mercy Place Mount St Joseph's

Operator Mercy Health (28 other services)

Location 61 Campbell St, Young NSW 2594
Phone (02) 6380 1300  ·  Fax (02) 6380 1313
DPS id 12900


Live comfortably
Mercy Place Mount St Joseph’s is a comfortable home with views of the rolling hills and peaceful surrounds of Young. Beautifully designed, the main areas have internal landscaped courtyards with raised garden beds.

This spacious, purpose built home has comfortable, well appointed lounge and dining rooms, private seating corners and recreational areas. Each room has quality furniture and fittings for comfort and style.

A delight for residents and guests, this is a real home away from home. There are no set visiting hours, so family and friends are welcome any time.

Accommodation options
Mercy Place Mount St Joseph’s caters for 65 people with high care needs and welcomes people from all faiths and cultures.

Lifestyle options
We care for people physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually and aim to make each day the best day possible. We provide continuing care so residents can remain in their new home as their needs change and a Registered Nurse Division 1 is on site 24 hours a day.

Our lifestyle coordinator runs a program of activities that includes outings, concerts, indoor bowls, gardening, craft groups, cooking, a visiting library service, and more. Residents and their guests can enjoy the fun and company of our visiting pets and we can help with special interests. Plus there is a hairdresser and beauty therapist to help residents look and feel great.

Our pastoral carer is available to all residents and their families, whether or not they have a particular faith. We offer this care through prayer, a listening presence, by giving support and by being aware of greater need at times of settling in, palliation or bereavement. We can arrange a visit from clergy, a denominational representative or arrange sacramental care if needed.

Available to all residents:

  • Double and single rooms with TV and ensuite bathroom
  • A variety of communal areas for sitting, reading and entertaining visitors
  • Well maintained building and garden with on site Maintenance Officers
  • Meals cooked in our kitchen
  • On site laundry service
  • Nearby public transport
  • Cafe.

The lifestyle and activities program includes:

  • Music
  • Movies
  • Games
  • Craft
  • Visiting volunteers
  • Visiting entertainers.


Government subsidised aged care

65 beds.

24/7 registered nursing, Non-dedicated respite, Palliative care, Secure garden, Specialist services (Physiotherapy).

On-site facilities

Chapel / Church, Facility transport, Hairdressing salon.

These services are operated by Mercy Health.

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