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Revolutionising controlled drug management in aged care

SPONSORED STORY – An electronic controlled drug management platform by Melbourne healthcare software vendor, Modeus, has helped save aged care nurses time and hassle while also creating a more secure workplace.

<p>Modeus created DiamondCare to solve these issues that were occurring for nurses and residents in aged care facilities (Source: Supplied)</p>

Modeus created DiamondCare to solve these issues that were occurring for nurses and residents in aged care facilities (Source: Supplied)

One of the biggest and more laborious parts of a nurse’s job in aged care is the time spent on resident controlled drug administration. In addition, if there are any discrepancies in the drug balance between the safe and drug register, restoring the balance can be a nightmare.

Modeus created DiamondCare to solve these issues that were occurring for nurses and residents in aged care facilities.

The company consulted with multiple nursing homes to create the program and released the software to the Australian market in 2018.

Chief Executive Officer of Modeus, Carl Zufi, says, “At their core, our products are designed to increase efficiencies in workplaces that require management and recording of controlled drugs.

“Through intelligent built-in functionality combined with system integrations, DiamondCare helps to free up time for nurses that can, in turn, be reinvested into resident care.”

As an electronic drug register specifically designed for aged care facilities, it is the first of its kind. DiamondCare completely eliminates calculation errors and transcription errors, resulting in nurses spending less time doing investigations that are associated with reconciling drug balances.

The model is also compatible with Modeus’ other systems, like community pharmacy drug register, DDBook. Integration with medication ordering at the pharmacy via DDBook saves significant time for nurses as they do not need to manually enter resident stock into the register – the data will be auto-filled and simply needs to be confirmed and signed off by two nurses.

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety recommended in their recent Final Report that by 1 July 2022 every approved aged care provider should implement an electronic medication management system.

Mr Zufi says the reason for this recommendation is simple, providing the right tools to nurses to help free up their time from excessive medication administration not only makes the job easier but the time saved can be reinvested in the care of residents.

“A significant issue outlined in the recent Royal Commission findings was the laggard adoption of technologies within the Aged Care industry. Technologies such as DiamondCare, are designed to make the management of medications in aged care facilities more efficient and secure,” says Mr Zufi.

“With less time spent on manual administration as well as managing issues such as medication investigations, this will ultimately deliver increased resourcing time to nurses – providing quick wins for not only staff at the facility but for the residents themselves”.

Diamond Care can eliminate issues such as:

  • Calculation errors and transcription errors
  • Issues with illegible handwriting
  • Potential means for misappropriation, like false transactions or defacing the DDBook to remove pages or whole registers
  • Reduces the time it takes for nurses to manually enter resident stock into the register

The platform also has intelligent functions to assist with medication governance and safety, such as email alerts/pop-up notifications which notify nurse managers of any potential issues, such as stock discrepancies or adjustments in real-time.

Queensland aged care provider, Carinity Aged Care, has recently adopted the program and found the time saving and enhanced medication governance functions very impressive. They have since implemented the software through their entire network of facilities last year during COVID after a successful pilot at a single facility.

To learn more about DiamondCare, head to the Modeus website or contact Modeus on (03) 9867 2785 or

About Modeus
Modeus is one of Australia’s largest healthcare software providers, servicing over 5,000 customers with various products across multiple industries covering pharmacy, veterinary, aged care, hospital, paramedic services and medication warehousing and distribution.

Based in Melbourne, with a full in-house team of sales, support, software developers, implementation/training and management, Modeus is best known as Australia’s leading supplier of electronic controlled drug register software across all aforementioned industries, but also develops and supports opioid program management software, equipment hire software and native mobile applications.

Modeus has a diverse partners list across industries who we collaborate with to enhance the customer experience through software integration or other value adding initiatives.

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