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  • ACP Placements 

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    ACP Placements

    Serving the Melbourne metropolitan area and selected areas in country Victoria, ACP specialises in locating low and high level care accommodation including dementia specific care. ACP offers a great mobile service of coming to you for all appointments, even if you are in hospital. ACP is set apart by offering superior service …


  • Advocacy Tasmania 

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    Advocacy Tasmania

    Tasmania’s independent, free and confidential advocacy service for older people. If you want support in relation to a community or residential aged care service, contact Advocacy Tasmania to discuss advocacy assistance. Advocacy Tasmania can support you to access these services and to have your say when using them, inc…


  • Age Care Directions 

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    Age Care Directions

    Knowing what aged care and community services are available to you and how to access them is not always easy. Age Care Directions can help you. Our caring and medically trained staff can advise you on all the options that are available. We can assist with community care services to help you remain independent in your own hom…


  • Aged & Community Services NSW & ACT 

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    Aged & Community Services NSW & ACT

    What is Aged & Community Services Association of NSW & ACT (ACS)? ACS is the peak body representing religious, charitable and community based providers of aged and community care services in NSW and ACT. ACS also offers services to for-profit organisations through our Industry Advice Scheme. ACS offers members a r…


  • Aged Care Advice, Support & Counselling Services 

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    Aged Care Advice, Support & Counselling Services

    Hello I am Annette Wood and I have worked in the Aged Care sector for fourteen years. I have determined over the years, that there is a real need for more support for clients and their families during the transition process as it is a difficult and overwhelming time for everyone involved. Therefore Clarity Through Counselling …


  • Aged Care Assistance 

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    Aged Care Assistance

    Do you have questions such as: What help can I get at home? Where do I go, what steps do I take? What forms must I fill out? What should I be considering to make good decisions? How do I assess a Residential Care Facility? Who can assist with all this confusion? When health changes cause a decrease in independence a…


  • Aged Care Information Service & Financial Strategies 

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    Aged Care Information Service & Financial Strategies

    Are you having trouble understanding aged care finances? Let us help you: understand the process and costs associated with aged care complete the financial paperwork negotiate aged care fees and charges on your behalf know what your care will cost and how best to pay for it. Make the right financial decisions to ensu…

    NT SA

  • Aged Care Planning Education & Counselling 

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    Aged Care Planning Education & Counselling

    Aged Care Planning was established in response to a growing need from families who struggle to cope with the stress and emotional practical issues relating to aged care placement, transition to appropriate accommodation and ageing. In 2014 Aged Care Planning added a new Division - Education and Counselling to broaden its offer…

    NT SA

  • Aged Care Planning SA 

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    Aged Care Planning SA

    Aged Care Planning was established in response to a growing need from families who struggle to cope with the stress and emotional practical issues relating to aged care placement, transition to appropriate accommodation and ageing. With more than 25 years’ experience in the aged care and housing sector, Bronwyn Arnold is…


  • Aged Rights Advocacy Service (ARAS) 

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    Aged Rights Advocacy Service (ARAS)

    The Aged Rights Advocacy Service (ARAS) assists older people or their representatives to be involved in decision making and to exercise their rights: Where they have concerns about the quality of aged care services provided in residential care or the community, or They have concerns about their residency in a Retirement Vil…


  • Agedcare Alternatives 

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    Agedcare Alternatives

    Agedcare Alternatives Free aged care information and support to connect with services The place to start for free information about: Home Care and Support Health and Wellbeing Options Respite for Carers Residential Care Retirement Living Options Where to go for more Help Other aged care topics and much, much more.…


  • AgeSmart: Specialists in Comprehensive Care Coordination 

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    AgeSmart: Specialists in Comprehensive Care Coordination

    Older people living at home can now readily access all the non-medical help they need AgeSmart is a new premium service specially created to help the carers and families of older people to easily put in place the exact mix of at-home assistance they require, at just the right time, in just the right amounts. We’re uniqu…


  • Alzheimer's Australia WA Carer Support Groups 

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    Alzheimer's Australia WA Carer Support Groups

    As Australia’s oldest and largest dementia organisation Alzheimer’s Australia WA is at the forefront of dementia care services, world class research and education and training programs. Our specialised services including respite, counselling and social support are available to the more than 29,600 people in Western …


  • Alzheimer's Australia WA National Dementia Helpline 

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    Alzheimer's Australia WA National Dementia Helpline

    Support can make a positive difference to managing dementia. We're here to provide the help you need, when you need it. National Dementia Helpline is a telephone information and support service available across Australia. What kind of support does the National Dementia Helpline provide? Understanding & support for pe…


  • Alzheimer's Australia WA Younger Onset Dementia Program 

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    Alzheimer's Australia WA Younger Onset Dementia Program

    Younger onset dementia or early onset dementia refers to dementia which first emerges before a person reaches the age of 65. Younger onset dementia can occur in your 50s, 40s or even your 30s. This information will help people to understand their symptoms and plan for the future. Early or younger onset dementia Emphasis on the…


  • Alzheimer's Queensland 24 Hour Advice Line 

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    Alzheimer's Queensland 24 Hour Advice Line

    Alzheimer’s Queensland operates a 24hour 7days a week advice line that is manned by our professional staff who have a background in nursing and other health professions. We are here to support carers, health professionals and anyone concerned that they may have dementia. Our advice line can also support you with care optio…


  • Alzheimer's Queensland Support Groups 

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    Alzheimer's Queensland Support Groups

    Alzheimer's Queensland provides statewide support, education, information and direct care services. We have on offer a 24hour Advice Line, community and residential care. As a complement to our care services, Alzheimer’s Queensland operate carer support groups. We recognise that caring for an aging family member or frien…


  • ARV Assistance with Care & Housing for the Aged 

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    ARV Assistance with Care & Housing for the Aged

    The Federal Government recognised a significant need for many older Australians in even meeting what is taken for granted in Australia. Working in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, we are able to broker in services to assist those with the greatest needs in meeting the basic necessities of life in terms of care and housing. Contact…


  • Bene Volunteer Programs 

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    Bene Volunteer Programs

    Bene provides residential and community aged care services for elderly Italians and non Italians in Adelaide. Life Foundation Program Our Life Foundation Program matches volunteers with socially isolated Italians in the western and inner southern metropolitan regions of Adelaide. Promotes social inclusion and enhances the ind…


  • Care Guidance 

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    Care Guidance

    Here at Care Guidance, we give Australian families peace of mind by helping with all aspects of the transition to aged care. We’ll make sure that your loved one gets the care that best suits their needs and priorities. We are based in Melbourne and provide services across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. …


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