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Address PO Box 449, Hamilton Hill WA 6963
Phone (08) 9331 5447  ·  Fax 1300 651 311
DPS id 37328

Wisdom Activities was established in 1999 and since then has been providing appropriate recreational activity and therapy resources for those who work and live with the elderly in our community.

We are a business based in Perth, Western Australia. Despite being located in the most isolated city in the world, we market and sell successfully around Australia. The prime motivation is to provide those who work and spend time with our aging population with purposeful activities and user friendly resource books to assist them in their valuable task.

The manager of Wisdom Activities has had over ten years working as an Occupational Therapist within a variety of aged care facilities specialising with those who are in middle to late stages of Dementia. 

Now more that ever, positive focus is on the aged and their appropriate care. Wisdom Activities provides the experience and customer service to meet the activity related needs of our ageing population in homes, community care centres or aged care facilities.

We offer many recreational activities which have been adapted to suit the needs of the aged. Resource books with up to date ideas and information are available for workers in aged care who have a variety of skills to serve our aged population.

Contact Nicolette or Jack on 1300 301 319.

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