Would you trust these hands?

Would you trust these hands?

Photo: Would you trust these hands? (Source: Shutterstock)

A new national campaign to showcase the “amazing and invaluable” work of nurses and midwives was launched last week at New South Wales Nursing Association’s 67th Annual Conference.

The campaign called, Nurses and Midwives: You Couldn’t Be In Better Hands, includes a two-minute cinema ad featuring the valuable work that nurses and midwives carry out every day.

Real life nurses and midwives, filmed at three different locations, at work, morning through till night were featured in the ad.

The campaign will also include television and radio commercials, posters and a new website.

Nurses, midwives and the public will also have the opportunity to share the ads on social media and go to the Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) web page to show their support for nurses and midwives.

Brett Holmes, general secretary of the New South Wales Nurses’ Association told members: “This is a long term campaign that the NSWNA is proud to be a part of and will set the picture for our campaign next year.”

The campaign coincides with new figures showing further growth in the ANF’s membership across the Australian health system – with membership now standing at 220,000.

Lee Thomas, ANF federal secretary, said: “We’re pleased to announce that the ANF is now ranked Australia’s biggest union.”

“We have continued to experience unprecedented growth in ANF membership across a full range of health settings, including private and public hospitals, aged care facilities, medical practices and community medical centres – our new members include registered and enrolled nurses, midwives, assistants in nursing and students.

“We believe this level of continued growth is the result of the very successful campaigns we’ve run both nationally and by our state and territory branches, working on behalf of all of our existing and new members.”

The ANF’s Because We Care campaign, helped secure a $1.2 billion funding boost for Australia’s low-paid aged care nursing staff as part of the May Budget.