Fighting NSW cuts to carer’s leave

Fighting NSW cuts to carer’s leave.

Photo: Fighting NSW cuts to carer’s leave. (Source: Shutterstock)

A union has signalled it will fight a NSW government plan to strip public servants of holiday leave loading and carer’s leave.

Finance Minister, Greg Pearce, told Fairfax Media he had applied to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission to scale back award conditions.

This would include scrapping public sector entitlements to 17.5% annual leave loading and an extra week’s leave awarded to remote area workers.

Additional paid carer’s leave to look after a sick child or an elderly parent would also be abolished under the government's proposal.

Public Service Association of NSW general secretary, John Cahill, said this was a “serious attack” on public servants’ working conditions.

“We're not going to lie down and cop it,” Mr Cahill told ABC Television on Saturday. We're going to fight this all the way.”

NSW Opposition Leader, John Robertson, described the move as an “unprecedented attack on working parents”.

“Anyone who has ever had to take time off work to care for a sick child or elderly parent will be left financially stranded and forced to take annual leave without pay under these changes,” Mr Robertson said in a statement.