Ageism in travel insurance

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A new report has been released examining whether older Australians face age discrimination when purchasing travel insurance.

The report, Ageism in Travel Insurance, summarises the key findings from a survey conducted by National Seniors and COTA Australia regarding members’ views and experiences with travel insurance.

The survey, conducted between May and June, shows those aged 70 years and over are more likely to cite difficulties in obtaining travel insurance or affordable travel insurance as a major reason for ceasing to travel overseas.

Almost a third of respondents (32%) reported they have had to pay higher travel insurance premiums because of their age.

Some of the key findings also included:

  • Less than half of the respondents (44%) ‘shopped around’ for the best travel insurance deal.
  • More than half of the respondents (53%) received ‘widely differing’ quotes for the cost of travel insurance, with most reporting a difference of between 11 and 50%).
  • Almost two-thirds of respondents (63%) have difficulty in understanding how any age restrictions operate after reading through information provided by insurers in Product Disclosure Statements, brochures and websites.
  • One in 20 respondents (5%) reported they had a travel insurance claim unexpectedly denied.

Download National Seniors Australia and COTA’s Ageism in Travel Insurance Survey 2012.

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