Family affair at Immanuel Gardens

Family affair at Immanuel Gardens.

Photo: Family affair at Immanuel Gardens.

Never underestimate the power of sisterhood with two trios of sisters living together in Buderim, Queensland; a testament to the saying life really is a family affair.

The siblings are delighted to spend day-to-day together and share conversations over a cuppa.

Immanuel Gardens Retirement Village residents Winifred Carlyon, 94, Phylis Evans, 96, and Olive Smith, 91, have different support needs but still live side- by-side.

“I came up from a trip to Sydney and we never went back,” Ms Carlyon said.

“I’d be very lonely if I didn’t have my two sisters around. I visit my sister twice a week and see my other sister every afternoon. We’ve always been a close family and it’s nice to visit them,” she added.

Nancye Berg and her sisters, Elaine Wishart and Fran Stirling (pictured) also enjoy life together in the village.

“My mother would be delighted all of us girls are together,” Ms Berg said.

“It’s really great we’re here and we’re each other’s friends as well as family.” 

Ms Berg’s sister Ms Wishart, 83, has resided at the village for about five years and has 10 children of her own.

“I am a very family-orientated person and my family means everything to me,” she said.

“Family comes first and since coming to Immanuel Gardens I’ve found companionship, a wonderful caring attitude from the staff and had lots of fun-filled adventures with my sisters. I have a fuller life here.

“We’ve always been a part of each other’s lives and now in our later years we’re enjoying each other’s company.”

Ms Stirling, 78, said it had been wonderful for the sisters to be reunited and live close by to one another.

“Elaine lived in Biloela, Nancye worked in Sydney and I was in Toowoomba and we didn’t get to see each other much at one point in our lives,” she said.

“It’s great to have a sister handy. You can always tell them when you are upset and they will understand. We all get on very well.

“We have our own individual pursuits but we keep Sunday free to spend together.”

Pictured from left to right are sisters, Elaine Wishart, Fran Stirling and Nancye Berg.

Immanuel Gardens general manager, Steve Stacey, said one of the benefits of co-location in the village was keeping families together.

“This is remarkable; two sets of three sisters live beside each other at our retirement village and, despite their different needs, support each other through friendship and enjoy spending time together in their senior years,” he said.   

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