Say a little prayer

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Praying regularly could reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s by up to 50%, according to a recent joint Israeli-American study.

The US National Institute of Health Study showed females who prayed regularly had 50% less chance of developing mild dementia or Alzheimer’s.

The study, presented at a Tel Aviv conference last month, aimed at mapping factors that increase the risk of Alzheimer’s, according to news reports.

While the study did not reveal the alleged connection between prayer and memory, researchers tried to explain the findings.

“Prayer is a custom in which thought is invested, and the intellectual activity involved in it may constitute a protective measure against the disease,” lead researcher, Professor Rivka Inzelberg, said.

The researchers had difficulty in determining the connection between prayer and Alzheimer’s among men, since 90% of the male subjects said they prayed daily.

“However, among women, only 60% prayed five times a day and 40% didn’t pray regularly, so we were able to compare the data.”

This is not the first study trying to map a link between religion and health. In 2005, researchers concluded that adopting a religious or spiritual lifestyle slowed Alzheimer’s.

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