Meeting the needs of older Aussies

Providing good quality care is “not enough”, according to Bupa Care Services managing director, Paul Gregersen.

Mr Gregersen spoke at the Better Practice conference in Sydney last Friday (20 July 2012), stating the aged care industry needed to “do more” to meet the needs of the ageing Baby Boomer generation.

“We need to understand the things they hold important and deliver on these needs,” he said.

Recent national research conducted by Bupa Aged Care found there was increasing concern among older Australians about dementia and the demands the disease places on both individuals and families. Every year Bupa surveys older Australians on their attitudes towards growing older.

The Bupa research, conducted last month, interviewed 1,000 people aged 50 years and over, about their attitudes towards ageing and aged care.

The majority of Australians view the years ahead as a time of freedom to travel, spend time with family and enjoy fewer responsibilities. However, there were also concerns about loss of independence and who would provide care if, and when, it was needed.

While many hope to continue living in their own home, older Australians also appreciated that aged care was the “right choice” for some people with high care needs.

The survey also revealed people viewed their GP as the most trusted source of information about aged care, but still found it difficult to navigate the system.

There was also ongoing debate about whether aged care services should be user pays or government-funded and if the family home should be asset tested.

Download the full report from the Bupa website.