BrainyApp launches on Android

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An Australian-developed dementia risk reduction app will be launched today on Android phones after overwhelming local and international demand.

The BrainyApp, developed by Alzheimer’s Australia and in partnership with Bupa Health Foundation, was released for iPhone and iPad in November last year and hit number one in the Australian App Store with 41,000 in just 48 hours.

With more than 200,000 free downloads worldwide since, the demand for BrainyApp reportedly continues to grow.

National President of Alzheimer’s Australia, Ita Buttrose, says Android consumers from around the world have “inundated” the organisation via social networking sites Twitter and Facebook, and email requests not to be excluded from access to BrainyApp.

“The rapid success of BrainyApp demonstrates how eager Australians are for information and strategies to help them improve their brain health,” Ms Buttrose says.

“It is extremely encouraging to see so many people want to make active lifestyle changes to reduce their risk of developing dementia,” she adds.

According to Ms Buttrose, people and other Alzheimer’s associations from around the world including South Africa, Mexico, the Netherlands and Iceland, enquired when the Android version would be available.

Dr Maree Farrow, Alzheimer’s Australia research fellow from the BrainyApp project team, says as there is no cure for dementia, “we need to give priority to initiatives such as [this app] that raise awareness of dementia.

“[We need to] help people understand and reduce their risk of developing the condition,” she says.

Josh Guest, managing director of b2cloud, the software company which developed the app, says the demand for the Android version shows people have a “real interest” in improving their brain health.

“It is extraordinary for an app like this to have had such an impact in its first few months,” he says.

“With almost half app downloads coming from Android smartphones in Australia, b2cloud has observed huge demand in the health and wellbeing category.”

BrainyApp is now available as a free download for Android phones and tablets from the Google Play Store. iPhone and iPard users can still download BrainyApp from the App Store.

More information about the BrainyApp is available at

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