Free means-tested dental checks

A seniors lobby group is pressuring the federal government to provide free means-tested dental checks for those older than 64 years of age.

Marjorie Green from National Seniors raised the issue at last week’s federal Community Cabinet event at Ipswich, west of Brisbane.

Ms Green says many elderly Australians cannot afford to see a dentist.

“For people living on a pension it's just not possible,” she said, claiming this may cause malnutrition and many other chronic ailments.

“All these people end up in hospital blowing out the health budget,” she added.

Ms Green said governments should be looking at preventative measures to reduce costs and waiting lists for treatment.

“We also put forward a proposal about mobile dental vans for the people who are confined to home,” she added.

“They're getting home care but they can't get out to see a dentist.”