Boomers look for fun

Boomers look for fun.

Photo: Boomers look for fun.

A poll of single Australians has exposed surprising differences in what different generations want in relationships, and it seems single Baby Boomers are looking for more fun.

Generation Y is reportedly the most traditional while Gen Xers are sitting on the fence when it comes to the importance of marriage, the survey has found.

AAP reports singles across the board are looking for a connection that is more than skin deep, with a good personality topping the list.

However, Baby Boomers are the least likely to be fussy about personality, but they are more keen on “snappy dressers, humour, shared interests and smarts” than their younger counterparts.

Only 58% of Boomers rated personality as very important compared with 69% of Gen X and 70% of Gen Y.

The Date of the Nation Report, commissioned by dating site RSVP, found intelligence was very important to 53% of Boomers, 45% of Gen Xers and just 34% of Gen Ys.

A sense of humour, chemistry, morals and manners also made the top five in the poll of 3,325 Australians conducted by Nielsen.

With decades of relationship experience under their belts, only 46% of single Boomers were looking to spend the rest of their lives with ‘the one’.

But nearly two in three Gen X and Ys were hoping for a happily ever after with Mr or Mrs Right.

About 40% of Boomers view marriage as an important institution compared to 54% of Gen X and 67% of Gen Y.

Only 37% of the older generation feel they are expected to be in a relationship, compared to around 60% of younger singles.

Relationship commentator Emma Merkas said it was heartening to see younger singles were still optimistic about marriage.

“Every generation learns from the generation before it, and the mistakes made,” she said.

“A lot of the Boomers have `been there, done that', and they are comfortable in their own skin and not looking for someone to `complete' them. That's a good way to start a relationship.”

Of all the generations surveyed, Boomers were least concerned about their partners' career aspirations.

"Boomers are in a different life stage. They have different lifestyles and the way they date and what they find attractive is not the same as younger Australians,'' RSVP general manager, Glenis Carroll, said.

"Single Boomers are looking for partners who are well mannered, of equal intelligence and education level.

"They are looking for a partner in crime, not necessarily the potential life partner many Gen Y and X are searching for.''

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