Skin care program for elderly launched

Source: Shutterstock.

Photo: Source: Shutterstock.

A new skin care program created to help identify and treat skin cancer and skin disease in the elderly was launched last week.

The National Aged Skin Care Program, developed by the Skin and Cancer Foundation, was piloted by the Royal Freemasons (RACF).

Victorian Minister for Health, David Davis, said the foundation had taken a “strong leadership role” and conducted “valuable” research which led to the development of the program.

“This program will be a valuable resource in improving the skills of staff in the early identification of skin cancers and aid in the prevention of skin disease,” he said.

Data collected from Royal Freemasons’ residential aged care indicated more than 60% of residents have some form of skin condition, with minor irritation to complex skin cancers, psoriasis and wounds.

Mr Davis added the National Aged Skin Care Program aimed to address these skin conditions by providing educational materials at no cost online for aged persons and those working in residential aged care facilities.

“Support is also available to aged care facilities participating in the program to access online dermatology consultation services.

“Older [Australians] deserve to have access to treatment and care that is clinically effective and provided in locations that meet their needs and preferences,” he said.

Visit the Skin and Cancer Foundation website to download the educational materials and learn more about the National Aged Skin care Program.

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