Eating less may lengthen your life

Source: Shutterstock.

Photo: Source: Shutterstock.

British researchers are reportedly developing a new treatment they hope will combat ageing.

They allege reducing the daily intake of food by 40% may help in enhancing a person’s lifespan by 20 years.

Researchers at the Institute of Health and Ageing at the University College in London are looking at how genetics and lifestyle, adapted to offset the effects of ageing, can add years and possibly decades to a person’s life.

Age-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurodegeneration can also be combated, researchers claimed.

One line of inquiry the team is developing is how the life of a rat can be increased by up to 30% simply by reducing food intake.

“If you reduce the diet of a rat by 40% it will live up to 30% longer. So, we would be talking 20 years of human life. This has shown on all sorts of organisms, even Labradors,” lead researcher, Matthew Piper told The Independent.

Scientists are also studying fruit flies which share 60% of human genes and age in a similar manner.

Researchers have already reportedly prolonged the healthy lifespan in both flies and mice by using drug treatments and a modified diet.

Researchers hope the combination of drugs and diet will also work to extend human life.

Mr Piper said if the genes involved with ageing are discovered, then ageing itself should be able to be delayed.