Leading way in aged care nutrition

Leading way in aged care nutrition.

Photo: Leading way in aged care nutrition.

Victorian-based dietetic centre, Leading Nutrition, urges aged care workers to remain aware of the important role they play in providing and maintaining good nutrition levels in residents.

Leading Nutrition will host a two-day seminar, titled ‘Food for the Ages’,  in Sydney this month and another in Melbourne in July to assist catering staff and facility managers of aged care facilities to better understand nutrition requirements and how to cater for residents with special food needs.

One of Leading Nutrition’s senior dietitians, Denise Burbidge, tells DPS News tackling malnutrition in residential aged care will become essential as Australia’s population ages.

Ms Burbidge, who is experienced in aged care with particular interest in diabetes management, points out the importance of ‘observation at meal times” in aged care.

“Checking if residents can manage their cutlery and making sure cups are within reaching distance so they have access to fluids is important, as well as observing whether residents have trouble chewing or swallowing. Look out for changes and monitor these things carefully,” she advises.

Ms Burbidge practices in a range of settings within Leading Nutrition including individual consulting, home visits for the elderly, menu reviews, aged care consulting, presentations, in-services and group education sessions for  corporate groups, the community and aged care facilities.

Continuing to share her expertise with DPS News, Ms Burbidge adds her time and work in aged care facilities has revealed there are often not many available staff in the dining area at meal times.

“Residents are then not getting the assistance they require. I also tend to find too much empathsis on supplements being given to residents instead of using the preferred alternative of food-based intervention,” she adds.

According to Ms Burbidge, Leading Nutrition’s ‘Food for the Ages’ seminars will be a “great networking” opportunity, with the freedom to share ideas and strategies from everything to menu planning to malnutrition, nutrition supplements and high protein high energy diets.

Seminar days/times:

Sydney Thurs, 21 – Fri, 22 June 2012

Melbourne Thurs, 26 – Fri, 27 July 2012 (Early bird registration closes by 15

June 2012).

Stay tuned for DPS News reports of the ‘Food for the Ages’ seminar as we travel to Melbourne to bring you the latest practices in aged care nutrition.

‘Food for the Ages’ seminars may be hosted in other major cities in coming months. For more information, or to book your spot, visit Leading Nutrition’s website.