Helping older people thrive in life

Helping older people thrive in life.

Photo: Helping older people thrive in life.

Wollongong researcher and PhD psychology candidate, Louise Turner, wants older Australians to “get the most out of life” and hopes her research into ageing will help them achieve this quality of life.

“We know people are living longer, but I’m interested in looking at how people can actually live a more fulfilled life and thrive into old age,” Ms Turner tells DPS News.

She is investigating healthy ageing by examining age and illness beliefs in people aged 55 years and over.

The study will look at a range of psychological aspects of a person that helps them cope with the ageing process and illness, enabling them to live more fulfilled and happy lives as they age. The study will also review factors that may be linked to more positive beliefs, including social support, coping styles, personality, religion and mood.

Ms Turner seeks participants’ aged 55 years or older living in New South Wales who do not suffer from any form of cognitive impairment.

Who can participate?

Men and women aged 55 years and over who live with, and without, chronic illness/s.

What does research participation entail?

Completing the survey will take no longer than 45 minutes to complete. There is no time limit.

If you would be happy to take part in stage two of this study, you will be asked to provide your contact details. You may then be contacted in 12 months and asked to complete the same survey again.

Any risks/benefits?

All completed surveys will go into the draw to win one of five Coles-Myer vouchers valued at $100. If you would like a chance to win one of these vouchers and are happy to participate in future phases of this study, you will be asked to submit your contact information where indicated at the end of this survey.

Ms Turner hopes to establish how beliefs about age and illness work and believes her efforts will contribute to understanding about non-medical factors to help people reduce stress and anxiety. She anticipates the survey data will be completed before mid-year.

If you live in NSW and wish to participate in this study, contact Louise Turner on (02) 4221 4164 or email