Arcare Hope Island

Organisation Arcare (36 other services)

Location 10 Halcyon Way, Hope Island QLD 4212
Phone 1300 272 273  ·  Fax (07) 5509 3150
DPS id 20295


Hope Island is bordered by glistening waterways, surrounded by first-class restaurants and retail, and home to one of Arcare’s most stunning new residences. Arcare Hope Island boasts immaculate interior design to create elegant living spaces for every resident. Beyond the luxurious surroundings, your loved one will be supported by our innovative relationship-focused approach to celebrating and supporting old age.

Arcare Hope Island has 120 suites and offers permanent and sensitive (dementia) care. Extra services are available in select suites.

Arcare Hope Island features:

  • Large private suites with:
    o   Ensuite with shower
    o   Flat screen television
    o   Telephone connection
    o   Foxtel available
    o   Individual cooling
    o   Balcony and courtyard access
  • Wireless internet available
  • Alfresco café
  • Hairdressing salon
  • Gift shop
  • Movie theatre / worship room
  • Intimate dining & lounge rooms
  • Piano lounge
  • Manicured courtyards & gardens
  • Delicious meals prepared fresh on site
  • Private dining room
  • Bus for excursions
  • Visit any time

Arcare has twenty four aged care residences throughout Victoria and Queensland. We also offer services in the home and operate our own registered training organisation.


Nursing home

120 beds. 20 beds cater for secure dementia. 30 are extra service beds.

24/7 registered nursing, Palliative care, Secure garden, Secure dementia beds, Specialist services (Physiotherapy clinic, continence clinic, optometry, podiatry, dietitian, speech pathologist).

Piano lounge, gift shop and private dining room

On-site facilities

Chapel / Church, Café / Kiosk, Facility transport, Hairdressing salon.

These services are operated by


  • 2 days ago · V28129

    Permanent bed

    • ACAT/S required
    • Permanent
    • Single room with private ensuite
    • RAD up to $750,000 or a DAP up to $126.16 per day
      Or a combination of $375,000 RAD and $63.08 DAP
      Daily care fee applicable.

    Please call 1300 272 273 to book a personal tour

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