Lucy Chieng Aged Care Centre

Organisation ANHF (3 other services)

Location 8-14 Romani Ave, Hurstville NSW 2220
Phone (02) 8558 8088  ·  Fax (02) 8558 8000 DPS id 19165


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Lucy Chieng Aged Care Centre

This new facility addresses the great demand for culturally appropriate residential service and alleviates the pressing need of Chinese-specific residential aged care in metropolitan Sydney. ANHF incorporated the Oriental and South East Asian features in decor and furnishings to reinforce the concept of providing a domestic and homelike environment for the residents which enable them to associate with the familiarity of their home. 

The whole facility is wheelchair accessible with Dementia friendly design. The environment maximises awareness and orientation, promotes feelings of safety and security, provides opportunities for significant social contact and supports functional ability through meaningful activities.

The basement is used for car parking with a driveway entrance from Romani Avenue. The car park floor has two staircases and a lift accessing the higher floors. The laundry and store room are also located in the basement.

The ground floor houses a Dementia ward of 15 high care ensuite rooms and has its own kitchenette, dining and lounge areas. The main foyer, nurse station, lounge areas, library, function room, interview room, hairdresser, kitchen, dining room and assisted bathroom are also on the ground floor. 

A high care ward is located in the west wing which comprises 20 high care rooms. Each room is provided with either its own bathroom or access to a shared bathroom between two rooms. The garden at the rear includes a Dementia courtyard situated on the far side close to the Dementia wing and a central courtyard with a water feature. 

The first floor has 35 single rooms each with ensuite bathrooms. The rooms are divided into two wings – the high care ward has 20 rooms and the low care ward has 15 rooms.  There are also nurse stations, dining and lounge areas and an assisted bathroom.


Nursing home

70 beds. 1 respite bed. 15 beds cater for secure dementia.

24/7 registered nursing, Palliative care, Secure dementia beds, Cultural environment: Asian.

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