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Baptcare believes that every individual has the right to lead an independent lifestyle, filled with choice and flexibility. We also understand that growing older comes with its unexpected obstacles. One of the ways we aim to support the needs of older people and carers is through Baptcare’s community aged care packages service which provides specific types of care within the person’s own home.

What are Home Care Packages?
A Home Care Package is a selection of services and supports that are tailored to an individual’s needs and preferences. The program is designed to allow older people remain living in their own home. These people may or may not have a Carer. The packages are available in four levels. Packages may include a variety of services and support. This will depend on the level of the package and individual needs. Each person is assigned a Care Manager to help them plan and manage their care.

What’s the role of a Care Manager?
Baptcare’s Care Managers assess, plan and manage the care within your care package, tailoring it to suit your individual needs and preferences. Our Care Managers are professional in their work, bringing energy and an optimistic outlook to their work and your needs. They are committed to working with you and supporting your goals.

To access in-home support via a home care package, individuals must first be assessed as eligible by the Aged Care Assessment Services (ACAS). Referrals to ACAS can be made by anyone – self referral, a carer, or a health professional such as a doctor.

There is a fee that clients are asked to contribute toward their weekly package of care. If you are on a pension, a maximum fee of 17.5% of your income may be charged.
These costs will be discussed with you at the time of admission to the program and is reviewed twice each year. Clients will not be disadvantaged from accessing the program if they are experiencing financial difficulties.

These packages are part of an Australia wide program that is funded, regulated and monitored by the Commonwealth Government.


Home care packages level 2

22 packages offered in total.

Dementia supplement, Financially & Socially disadvantaged, General packages, Rural / Remote, Veteran supplement, Cultural environment: ATSI.

Home care packages level 4

16 packages offered in total.

Dementia supplement, Financially & Socially disadvantaged, General packages, Rural / Remote, Veteran supplement, Cultural environment.
Packages for ATSI and NESB clients.

Servicing the following LGA / council district

East Gippsland, Wellington (VIC).

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