Organisation McKenzie Aged Care Group (14 other services)

Location 1 Innisfallen Ave, Templestowe VIC 3106
Phone (03) 9846 6077  ·  Fax (03) 9846 6211
DPS id 16119


A close community in inspired natural surrounds
Nestled in the beautiful leafy surrounds of Templestowe, our Charlesbrook has become a welcoming and sought after aged care community, with friendly, fun-loving staff and residents that make it a place where people feel connected. Our local area has inspired artists with its natural beauty, including our namesake Charles Condor, a Heidelberg school artist who painted beside the nearby Yarra River. Newly renovated, always open to family and friends, and close to beautiful parklands and reserves, Charlesbrook is a very special place to be.  

With you every step
We want families to experience the best in aged care at every stage. For us, that means a focus on the life you’ve led, and what matters for you and your family. It means understanding your journey as you plan your move, make the transition into your new home, and live here. It’s why we have an individual Client Relations Manager to guide you, and a range of services that give you certainty that as your needs change, you can stay in comfortable and familiar surrounds, supported by those you know and love.

Enjoying life your way
Being part of our community means having the choice to enjoy what matters for you. That’s why we help you be as social or independent, relaxed or active as you want it to be, in a place that’s supportive, friendly and fun. We offer something for everyone, from gentle or advanced exercise, to music, games, sport, events and outings, so if you’re feeling active and sociable, there are always plenty of ways to enjoy yourself.

Caring about people
To us, caring for people simply means caring about 
them. From the residents and families we welcome, to our wonderful staff and volunteers, Charlesbrook brings everyone closer together to create a remarkable aged care community.

Excellence in care
We only employ the most highly qualified medical and care staff, and we have leading professionals on hand 24 hours a day. We also offer a range of affordable care options including Commonwealth funding, so if your needs change, you can continue receiving excellent care right here at Charlesbrook.

Ready to take the next step?
To find out more about Charlesbrook, or to arrange a personal tour of our residence for you and your family, please call us on (03) 9846 6077.  


Aged care home

71 beds. 1 respite bed. All beds are extra service beds.

24/7 registered nursing, Secure garden, Specialist services (Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, palliative care, complementary therapies).

On-site facilities

Café / Kiosk, Facility transport, Hairdressing salon.

These services are operated by McKenzie Aged Care Group.

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