Brighton Aged Care

Organisation ACSAG Japara Healthcare (42 other services)

Location 580 Brighton Rd, South Brighton SA 5048
Phone (08) 8296 8950  ·  Fax (08) 8296 7810
DPS id 15170


Brighton Aged Care is a 76 bed high and low level care facility located in a nearby beach suburb south of Adelaide.

Accommodation ranges from a mix of single and double rooms suitable for couples or shared accommodation. Residents are encouraged to personalise their own room with memento's from home.

Brighton provides a high standard of care for residents and ongoing support for their families. Visitors are encouraged at anytime.

Residents and their families are encouraged to participate in the activities at the facility including concerts, bus trips and individual activities.

All nursing and care staff are appropriately qualified, trained and experienced in aged care. Ongoing education ensures staff knowledge remains up to date.

Feedback from residents and/or families is encouraged and sought. The facility is fully accredited.

Japara Signature
An innovation in Japara Healthcare’s additional services, furthering our commitment to quality, excellence and enhancing the experience of residents, Japara Signature has a hospitality focus reminiscent of an exclusive boutique hotel. Selected rooms come complete with enhanced dining, stylish refurbished décor and all rooms feature a 40” plasma television. Newspaper subscriptions and Foxtel are also available.


Nursing home

76 beds.

24/7 registered nursing, Couples rooms, Facility has pets, Palliative care.

On-site facility

Facility transport.

These services are operated by
ACSAG Japara Healthcare


  • Yesterday · V12959

    Aged care vacancy

    • ACAT/S required
    • Permanent or Respite
    • Single room with private ensuite
    • RAD up to $400,000 (negotiable)
      Daily care fee applicable.

    Single and shared rooms available

    Aged Care Services Australia Group is proudly owned and operated by JAPARA Health Care Ltd. Our facilities offer 4 flexible pricing brands of accommodation which include; Standard Deluxe and Premium. This room falls within these categories.

    Please visit us at

    Please note: a capital refurbishment fee is applicable to all RAD payers. This is a daily deduction. Further details can be obtained direct from facility.

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