Regis Bulimba

Organisation Regis Aged Care (56 other services)

Location 50 Brisbane St, Bulimba QLD 4171
Phone (07) 3909 4000  ·  Fax (07) 3899 0345
DPS id 14563


Set in the heart of one of Brisbane's most appealing inner suburbs, with views to the Brisbane River, Regis Bulimba offers a lifestyle you'd expect in the cafe-centric hub of Bulimba. Formerly The Clem Jones Home, Regis Bulimba joined the Regis family in November 2011.

Located four kilometres from the Brisbane CBD on a tree lined street, our welcoming facility is only a short distance from the river and Vic Lucas Park so residents can appreciate the essence of the city in quiet surrounds.

Our philosophy of care is based on bringing spontaneity, companionship and meaning to every interaction and activity.
A telling example is how many of our residents choose to use our outdoor area. Well shaded and fringed by trees, residents tend our fruit and vegetable gardens, eagerly awaiting their growth and ripening & the day they get to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

This nurturing pastime is popular with experienced 'green thumbs' and budding gardeners alike, and an informal activity that is highly therapeutic & culturally enriching. As staff, we love it because we're surrounded by lush greenery & blooming colour.

At Bulimba, residents have freedom to continue embracing life in ways they find familiar, comforting and stimulating. Such as cooking much loved dishes; old favourites from their past like pikelets, jam drops and pancakes.

Our resident cooks swing into action to spice up many annual celebrations. On Anzac Day, for example, they turn out delicious batches of Anzac biscuits for breakfasters hungry after our (almost at) dawn service.

Memories are integral to our caring approach. Taking lots of pictures of residents gives them the chance to remember, reflect and reminisce. Every occasion is a good excuse for photos, whether they're snaps of our monthly concert or the jovial antics during our bowls and skittles activities.

There are plenty of occasions that give us an excuse to make a fuss too. Mother's Day in particular, when our ladies enjoy a sea of balloons and flowers, a Mother's Day morning tea, hearty roast lunch and family visits galore. Ekka is also a favourite time for us as we celebrate the city and the country coming together.

Bulimba residents are also able to take advantage of the following services on offer:

  • regular church service
  • massage therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • music therapy
  • pet therapy
  • cafe and kiosk
  • experienced in-house chef and catering staff
  • special dietary requirements met.

Residents receive all the benefits of the Regis Group's living care model of responsive support provided by leading professionals and tailored to individual medical, cultural and religious preferences.


Nursing home

150 beds. 2 are respite beds. 36 beds cater for secure dementia.

Secure garden, Secure dementia beds.

On-site facilities

Café / Kiosk, Facility transport, Hairdressing salon.

These services are operated by
Regis Aged Care


  • 1 week ago · V28680

    Aged care vacancy

    • ACAT/S required
    • Permanent or Respite
    • Single room with private ensuite
    • Male only

    Enquiries welcome, please contact on 1300 998 100 for further information.

  • 1 week ago · V7237

    Aged care vacancy

    • ACAT/S required
    • Permanent or Respite
    • Single room with private ensuite
    • Secure dementia rooms

    Enquiries welcome please contact on 1300 998 100 for further information.

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