Regis The Gardens

Organisation Regis Aged Care (56 other services)

Location 40 Bagnall Beach Rd, Corlette NSW 2315
Phone 1300 998 100  ·  Fax (02) 4984 3933
DPS id 12910


Living at Regis The Gardens
Set amongst beautiful landscaped grounds, The Gardens offer a modern setting of nurturing calm, with pleasant garden views. As a premium services facility, we offer residents a choice of personalised comfort with select lifestyle preferences. Our focus is meeting the needs of our high and low level care residents with a close personal approach.

Our dementia unit embraces a philosophy that focuses on the residents abilities. We promote relationships that enhance a sense of belonging for those in need of care. Our compassionate staff, chosen for their experience, support the health & lifestyle choices of our permanent and respite residents.

With the chance to engage with others or relax privately in peaceful surrounds, we ensure quality of life in a social setting. Our lifestyle program involves family, friends and the local community. Together, we share in the lives of residents.

Active lifestyle
The Gardens is centrally located in a quiet residential precinct of Corlette, within easy walking distance to public transport. Salamander Shopping Centre is also nearby. Beautiful gardens, shady verandas & quiet living spaces encourage companionship and relaxation. Our premium additional services provide access to larger rooms, greater meal selection and private ensuites.

We host a range of high quality, active and diverse social events that cater for the individual needs & preferences of our residents and their families. On site hairdressing, beauty therapy, internet access and cable TV are also available.

Responsive care
A personal profile ensures we understand each person’s cultural, medical & religious background. By listening, we offer a flexible, whole-of-person response. Our team of health specialists enable us to respond to individual health needs.

And we meet special dietary requirements with the experienced services of our on site Chef. Residents with life limiting illnesses are ensured comfort and best quality of life through our palliative services.

Understanding Support Services
For an understanding of our support services see the information section of the Aged Care Guide website. 

See the Regis difference
Contact our facility manager for a full tour of our services and facilities.


Nursing home

150 beds. 45 beds cater for secure dementia. 45 are extra service beds.

Couples rooms, Facility has pets, Non-dedicated respite, Secure garden, Secure dementia beds, Specialist services (Physiotherapy, podiatry, exercise physiology; access to other allied health practitioners).

On-site facilities

Facility transport, Hairdressing salon.

These services are operated by
Regis Aged Care


  • 5 days ago · V28669

    Aged care vacancy

    • ACAT/S required
    • Permanent or Respite
    • Single room with private ensuite

    Enquiries welcome, please contact on 1300 998 100 for further information.

  • 5 days ago · V15734

    Aged care vacancy

    • ACAT/S required
    • Permanent or Respite
    • Single room with private ensuite
    • Secure dementia rooms

    Enquiries welcome please contact Regis Advice on 1300 998 100 for further information.

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