Bethel Aged Care

Operator Java Dale Pty Ltd (1 other service)

Location 600 Plenty Rd, Mill Park VIC 3082
Phone (03) 8467 2222  ·  Fax (03) 9404 3244
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About us
Our company, Java Dale, has been involved in the delivery of aged residential care since 1997. Bethel Aged Care is the culmination of our expertise gained from operating and designing homes for elderly residents in three different facilities. 

Bethel Aged Care is operated by a team of professionals including a medical practitioner, all of whom have an active interest in the daily running of the facility. With our extensive experience we understand how difficult and confusing selecting a residential facility can be.  We are here to listen and guide you through any questions you might have in making the transition into care.

What we offer
Bethel Aged Care is a multicultural facility, reflected in our mix of residents as well as our staff. Ageing in place is provided for all levels of residential care including palliative care.

We provide round the clock nursing care through a team of Personal Care Attendants and Division 2 Registered Nurses, lead by experienced Division 1 Registered Nurses. With access to visiting Doctors, Physiotherapist, Podiatrist and other health care professionals, Bethel Aged Care provides complete care to the elderly.

Please note we are a NO SMOKING facility.

All residents, regardless whether they are in low care or high care, are able to enjoy the privacy and luxury of a contemporary spacious single room with their own stunning ensuite bathroom. There are numerous beautifully appointed sitting rooms and lounges for dancing, carpet bowls, card games, exercise groups or simply to enjoy some time alone reading a book. A chapel is available for prayer and religious services.

All rooms have the latest nurse call system, ample secure storage for personal belongings and a private telephone can be connected. Most rooms provide interesting and relaxing views of the Plenty Valley, Plenty Road and internal garden courtyards.

The Eden Wing is our Extra Service Wing that builds upon these strengths even further. Rooms and ensuites boast a hotel style design, exquisite furnishings, large spacious lounges and dining areas and impressive views of the surroundings.

Lifestyle and leisure
Bethel provides a lifestyle program second to none. Each resident has a lifestyle program specifically tailored to them to help transition into residential care and to achieve the best possible quality of life whilst in our care.

Maintaining strong links with the community we receive regular visits from ethnic community groups, students, musicians and other volunteers. Residents have the opportunity to participate in regular organised outings to a variety of locations.

Bethel Aged Care works with established ethnic associations to draw upon resources provided by the Government and to connect our residents with the wider ethnic community. 

Delicious meals are freshly cooked on-site by our Chefs. The menu offers a full range of different cuisines and is created in consultation with our residents and Dietitian. We are able to cater for various dietary needs including residents with diabetes or those who require vitamised meals.

Eden Wing residents are able to choose from a range of wines, beer, soft drinks and juices to have with their meals. They may also select from a variety of Chef prepared hot dishes and mouth watering desserts. Truly dine in style.

Outdoor facilities
Bethel offers a number of easily accessed outdoor areas for residents and visitors. An internal courtyard, a pristine patio with a stunning water feature, a barbeque area with fruit trees and a formal Bocce pitch all provide residents with choices and quality of outdoor experience. 

Our facility is monitored by 24 hour video surveillance and is protected by electronically locked doors providing access to authorised personnel only. 

Available to all residents, we have a dedicated purpose built hairdressing salon where residents can experience the pleasure of a visit to the Hairdressers. 

Laundry service
Bethel is complete with a commercial laundry service ensuring residents are always supplied with freshly laundered clothes and linen. A clothes labelling service is available.

Public transport access
Regular bus services run past the facility on Plenty Road enabling visitors to access the facility by public transport.


Government subsidised aged care

121 beds in total. 30 extra service beds.

Secure garden, Specialist services (Visiting allied health practitioners).
Palliative care; please enquire about respite; double rooms subject to availability.

On-site facilities

Chapel / Church, Hairdressing salon.

These services are operated by Java Dale Pty Ltd.

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