Aegis Greenfields Aged Care

Operator Aegis Aged Care Group (30 other services)

Location 95 Lakes Rd, Greenfields WA 6210
Phone (08) 9535 0700  ·  Fax (08) 9535 0799
DPS id 17036


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95 Lakes Rd, Greenfields, WA 621095 Lakes Rd, Greenfields, WA 6210
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Greenfields Lodge and Aged Care is located in the popular retirement region of Mandurah. It is situated adjacent to the Belswan Lifestyle Village community and is only a short distance from the Mandurah town centre and Peel Estuary, always popular with holiday makers. The village has excellent public transport services, thanks to the neighbouring Peel Health Campus.

Greenfields Lodge comprises three small scale and independent residences, each surrounded by luxurious gardens and providing deluxe single accommodation with ensuites and all the comforts of home. Greenfields Aged Care is a premium quality residence and one of the most modern in the Mandurah area, having only recently undergone a major refurbishment and extension.

The residence carries the Commonwealth’s extra services accreditation and its facilities and staff are widely acknowledged as being in the vanguard for caring for seniors with dementia.


High Care Services

88 beds in total. 18 secure dementia beds. 36 extra services beds.

Double Rooms, Low Care Admissions, Secure Garden, Specialist Services (Occupational therapy, physiotherapy), Bond Information: Upon application.
Respite is offered.

Low Care Services

18 beds in total.

Ageing in Place, Secure Garden, Bond Information: Upon application.

On-site Facilities

Café / Kiosk, Hairdressing Salon.

These services are operated by Aegis Aged Care Group.

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  • Apr 9
    REF# V15307Enquire

    High & Low Care FacilityFeatures: Permanency (Permanent or Respite), Extra Services, Ageing in Place, Specialist Dementia Care.
    Entry Criteria: ACAT Assessment Required.

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