Howard Solomon Residential Estate

Operator Masonic Care WA

Location 91 Hybanthus Rd, Ferndale WA 6148
Phone (08) 6228 0400  ·  Fax (08) 6228 0570 DPS id 16996


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Howard Solomon Aged Care Facility has successfully provided comfortable and stylish accommodation and amenities, together with the highest level of professionalism, care and services to the aged in the community for the last 30 years.

Currently under reconstruction, when completed Howard Solomon Residential Estate will be a state of the art landmark which will combine retirement living with Commonwealth accredited ageing-in-place residential care.

Howard Solomon Residential Estate will consist of ‘Solomon’s Gardens’ a 126 bed ageing-in-place residential care facility, which will comprise a 20 bed specialty unit for people with Dementia, a 32 bed extra services unit, 73 ageing-in-place beds plus one respite unit and adjoining Solomon’s Gardens, ‘Solomon’s Rise’ a 26 villa Lifestyle Village.

Stage one of the redevelopment has been completed providing 65 high/low care places in Solomon’s Gardens, inclusive of a 20 bed unit designed specifically to meet the needs of people with Dementia. We foresee Stage two will be completed before the end of 2011.

Solomon’s Gardens previously Howard Solomon Aged Care Facility will continue to provide a high standard of individualized care and services through our professionalism, expertise and personalized approach to care delivery. Our experienced team work together with residents, families and health professionals to determine and facilitate the best possible outcomes for each individual.

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Funded aged care


2 beds in total.

Funded aged care


33 beds in total.

Funded aged care


76 beds in total. 20 secure dementia beds.

Secure dementia beds.

Funded aged care


15 beds in total.

These services are operated by Masonic Care WA.


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