Glendale Aged Care

Operator Allity (33 other services)

Location 265 Heaths Rd, Werribee VIC 3030
Phone 1800 243 2273  ·  Fax (03) 9291 1248
DPS id 16493


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265 Heaths Rd, Werribee, VIC 3030265 Heaths Rd, Werribee, VIC 3030
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Glendale in Werribee has been designed to ensure comfort and quality service delivery in a home-like environment for every resident.

Convenient, quiet location
Glendale offers an atmosphere of community and family. Shopping centres and community services are only a short walk away. Residents can relax and enjoy the peaceful enclosed courtyard or a variety of quiet sitting areas. Family members and friends are always welcome, and are integral to the warm community feel of Glendale.

Spacious, quiet rooms with ensuite
Residents enjoy the privacy of spacious apartments with a modern ensuite bathroom, and provision for private phone and television.

Friendly, caring staff on call 24 hours
Call buttons are installed in both bedroom and bathroom; trained staff are able to respond immediately.

Comprehensive activities program
Activities are organised throughout the day for residents to participate in if they choose, and we have our own bus for regular outings. Glendale caters for group and individual social needs.

Fresh meals prepared daily
In consultation with our nutritionist, our professional hospitality team prepares well-balanced, healthy and appetising meals. Special dietary needs are easily accommodated.

Alternative therapies and other services
A wide range of specialised services can be organised for you by our Carers, including hairdressing, podiatry and physiotherapy.

Permanent and respite accommodation
Offering low level permanent or respite care, Glendale matches services to the needs of individual residents. Assistance can take many forms, from help with showering and dressing to any other personal requirements. Glendale also offers a small number of high level care placements.

At Glendale, we take our duty of care very seriously, and our first and highest priorities are the comfort, security and happiness of each resident.


High Care Services

15 beds in total.

Secure Garden, Specialist Services (Physiotherapy, podiatry, dental, optical, audiology, exercise programs, church services).

Low Care Services

210 beds in total. 3 booked respite beds. 30 secure dementia beds.

Ageing in Place, Double Rooms, Facility has its own Pets, Secure Garden, Specialist Services (Physiotherapy, podiatry, dental, optical, audiology, exercise programs, church services), Ethnicity Specific*: Italian.
Minimum age 55.

On-site Facilities

Café / Kiosk, Facility Bus, Hairdressing Salon.

* Ethnic Specific is generally not exclusive and refers to the ability of the staff to cater to the language, diet and cultural needs of a particular ethnic group.

These services are operated by Allity.

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  • 3 days ago
    REF# V4659Enquire

    Low Care (Hostel)Features: Permanency (Permanent or Respite), Ageing in Place, Specialist Dementia Care.
    Entry Criteria: ACAT Assessment Required.

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