Life Care Aldinga Beach Court

Operator Life Care (20 other services)

Location 8 Pridham Blvd, Aldinga Beach SA 5173
Phone (08) 8550 2100  ·  Fax (08) 8550 2149
DPS id 15189


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8 Pridham Blvd, Aldinga Beach, SA 51738 Pridham Blvd, Aldinga Beach, SA 5173
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Live Every Day
Life Care is an innovative provider of quality services to the ageing. We are recognised as a preferred option of choice for active ageing and an employer of choice for staff. This is achieved by an outstanding team working in a flexible and integrated approach with volunteers and partners. We have strong collaboration and partnerships with relatives, friends, volunteers, community groups and other agencies who share our passion for active ageing and our fundamental values. We have responded to the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical needs of our customers. We contribute towards your happiness.
Our purpose is to partner with people so they can embrace life and live it every day.

Residential Aged Care
Life Care is home for people who, through declining health or frailty associated with ageing, can no longer live independently. Our commitment is to provide a happy and stimulating home for residents and a welcoming environment for their families and friends.
Our range of diverse and flexible lifestyle programs are designed to maintain health and mobility and encourage creative activity, including interaction with the wider community - with our services extending to include Respite Care, which is available at all of our Residential Aged Care facilities.
Our reputation in aged care is built upon the skills of our staff and volunteers and the quality of our facilities and services.

About Aldinga Beach Court
Life Care’s newest residential aged care facility, Aldinga Beach Court is a bright and stylish building serving the aged care needs of the southern region of Adelaide. The distinctive design of the buildings with varying colours, curves and shades allows ample natural lighting and interaction between indoor and outdoor areas with residents able to enjoy the delightful gardens.

While Aldinga Beach Court has its own central café, the site is conveniently adjacent to the local shopping centre with its public transport, retail, post-office and banking facilities. The leisure & lifestyle program provides the residents with excellent opportunities for wider interaction and participation in artistic programs with local schools and community groups. Residents are encouraged to remain as independent as possible and if they wish to remain active members of the community.

Low Care Accommodation: there will be 77 rooms, located in five attached houses, all with personal ensuite facilities. One of these houses operates as a special area providing a secure environment for residents living with dementia.

High Care Accommodation: there will be 41 rooms located in two houses. One of these houses operates as a special area providing a secure environment for residents with dementia. All rooms have private ensuite facilities.

All residents receive hotel-style services such as catering, cleaning, laundry as well as assistance with mobility, showering, dressing, medication supervision and emotional support. All rooms are supplied with heating and cooling facilities and 24 hour Nurse call assistance.

Respite Care: is offered as temporary care, allowing regular carers to have a much needed break from their day-to-day commitments. It’s also an opportunity for people to experience care in a residential setting. Respite care is in a single room with ensuite.

Advance bookings are essential and can be made by calling our Admissions Officer at Corporate Services on 8239 9800 or email


Government subsidised aged care

118 beds in total. 2 booked respite beds. 22 secure dementia beds. 41 extra service beds.

Facility has its own pets, Secure garden, Specialist services (Upon application).
Additional beds available approx mid 2014.

On-site facilities

Chapel / Church, Café / Kiosk, Hairdressing salon.

These services are operated by Life Care.

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